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Mallee Karlip is a nationally certified Aboriginal-owned and operated electrical business, specialising in providing premier end-to-end Electrical, Instrumentation, and EEHA services. Based in Rockingham, Western Australia, and operating across the Perth metro and Pilbara areas, our leadership, spearheaded by Noongar Man Jay Collard and business partner Matthew Guy, is committed to creating a positive impact for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities by breaking down barriers through sustainable employment, mentoring and training


Design, Installation, and Commissioning Services


Mallee Karlip leverages extensive industry expertise to deliver a comprehensive range of electrical design, installation, and commissioning services across diverse sectors, including industrial, mining, and energy sectors. Our services include:


  • Fixed Plant E&I Construction

  • Substation, Transformer & Switchyard Installation

  • HV, LV, ELV Control, Instrument & Communications Cabling & Terminations

  • Instrumentation Installation, Testing & Calibration

  • HV & LV Switchboards Installation

  • Fibre Optic Cable Installation, Splicing & Terminations

  • HV, LV, and Communications Testing & Auditing

  • QA/QC Inspection & Client Representation

  • Testing, Pre-commissioning, Commissioning & Post Commissioning Service


This comprehensive suite of services ensures the successful implementation and operational excellence of projects in various sectors.


Assembly & Fabrication Workshop


Mallee Karlip runs a purpose built, fully equipped electrical and fabrication workshop, providing us with the capability to assemble, bench-test, and custom fabricate components prior to site installation. Our workshop is stocked with electrical, communications, fiber optic, and fabrication supplies, complemented by specialised equipment. Common activities conducted at the facility include::


  • Switchboard Maintenance, Repairs & Reconfiguration (HV and LV)

  • Electrical Assembly of Distribution Boards, Switchboards, and Other Custom Enclosures

  • Cleaning, Inspection, Testing, and Repairs of Lighting, Generators, and Mobile Plant and Equipment

  • Fabrication of Custom Frames and Brackets

  • Transportable Workshop Container Fit-outs

Our workshop facility serves as a hub for efficient and precise preparation, ensuring the quality and functionality of components before deployment to site.

Our Goals

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